Happiness, the only way.

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1:1 The only way is happiness.

1:2 Happiness works by two sides, eat and move.

1:3 Fuel have two types, leverage and hedge.

1:4 Happiness makes wonder.

1:5 Egypt in six thousands years ago, makes bread and farming.

1:6 Rome in two thousands years ago, makes Roman alphabet.

1:7 Paris in four hundreds years ago, makes buses and police.

1:8 Understand the leverage same as more power in society.

1:9 Only extraordinary group be a elite by leverage.

1:10 Worth show through money, communicate, time, grace.

1:11 Simulation is hundred percent important in each time of whole time.

1:12 Happiness can be threatened from somewhere.

1:13 You have to understand of disguised pain, for extra chances.

1:14 You have to live day by day in expanded new possibility.

1:15 life be life from lifes.
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